Does Tooth Removal Hurt?

Tooth removal is the last procedure dentists want to perform on a patient. Tooth loss is no laughing matter. The person is left with many disadvantages after tooth removal, but sometimes it’s necessary when other treatment options will not work or when other teeth are at risk of damage.

Many people who need an extraction fear the procedure, but it’s really pretty simple. S surgical extraction is a bit more complicated but nonetheless a procedure with few risks of worries. Your dentist will fill you in on the important information you should know ahead of time. You can also ask him questions or share concerns.

One question a lot of people want to know is if tooth extraction hurts. The simple answer is no, the tooth extraction process itself does not hurt. You won’t feel the process especially if you opt for a sedation dentistry. Once the tooth is out of your mouth, however, it takes time to recover.

Most people need at least 48 hours to recover after an extraction. Spend this time relaxing and chilling as much as possible. If you’ve had a surgical extraction, the recovery time is about a week, during which time you should take it easy.

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You can face serious repercussions if you do not take it easy and follow dentist’s orders after tooth removal in Mesquite. Dry socket is one of the most popular of those problems. That is not an issue that you want to experience; ever.

Tooth removal will not cause any pain. In fact, it may very well be the secret to stopping toothaches and tooth pain that currently have a hold on your life. Be prepared for some discomfort afterwards, but with time and proper care, you can be back on your feet in no time.