Essential Mosquito Repellent Information

Almost every source will tell you to avoid mosquito bites at all costs, but there’s not much to do when you go outside and before you can spot one you’ve been bitten.

If you’re a magnet for mosquitoes, it can seem like avoiding bites is an impossible task that can never truly be accomplished. However, there’s been plenty of research into how to keep mosquitoes from biting individuals, even those that are more attractive to them than others. Mosquito control services in Wausau have provided some information to help you stay free from mosquito bites this year.

Mosquito control services in Wausau

Best Repellents

DEET is the most commonly suggested repellent for mosquito control, and repellents are compared to DEET when testing their effectiveness. It doesn’t kill mosquitoes, but it does keep them away from you and your exposed skin.

Other repellents may work just as well, though, especially if they contain picaridin or the active ingredient IR 3535. Lemon eucalyptus extract works as well, which is a natural oil that can be used to repel mosquitoes. Even a certain perfume may work well as a repellent, though ingredients of these scents are not shared and therefore the ingredient in them that repels mosquitoes is unknown.

When to Reapply

You should apply insect repellent as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. If you’re planning on being outside for a short amount of time, you should choose a repellent with a low DEET concentration. If you’re going to be outside for several hours, you should choose a repellent with a higher concentration of DEET and reapply it as directed or every four or five hours.

If you’re going to be using repellent, make sure you choose one that you like and apply it using the directions provided by the manufacturer of the repellent.