Types of Electricians

An electrician is any individual that is skilled in working with power systems, including maintaining them, repairing them, installing them, and designing them. There are tons of electricians available for jobs of all kinds, but what you may not know is that the specialties of electricians differ greatly and there are several types of electricians you can work with.

The two main categories of electricians are linemen and wiremen, or outside and inside electricians, respectively.


A line electrical expert, or lineman, works outdoors and installs electrical systems for buildings and equipment that require higher voltages. These professionals make sure that the power being produced and delivered to buildings is managed appropriately.


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Wiremen work with electricity for buildings and equipment that require lower voltages, which are often found on the inside of buildings. Wiremen are who you would call if you needed wiring installed in an addition or need an electrical system repaired, replaced, or maintained.

Wiremen are the most common electricians called for residential services in homes, as these professionals are able to handle a wide variety of tasks that keep the home running. Wiremen also service industrial and commercial businesses, making sure they have a reliable power flow.

Aside from either being an indoor or outdoor electrician, there are also different certification levels of electricians. For example, an apprentice electrician is an individual studying in an apprenticeship program underneath the wing of an experienced and licensed electrician in Garland, TX while a master electrician holds the highest level of education and experience and is certified to work on complex jobs.

Looking for an electrician to keep your home’s electrical system from malfunctioning or causing problems? Look for an experienced electrician that specializes in what you need for your home, commercial building, and even any industrial equipment.